Saturday, March 27, 2010

I had to hurry to get this one done.This is Cathy`s block for the Fairy III DYB RR. I love Poppy`s and so it was easy to work on it.First placed the hand dyed lace ,added the trim,which I bought about 14 years ago in the former East Germany.I embroidered the seam treatment and beads, velvet leaves and a Butterfly and Bee button.Then I finally made my 3-D flower and this block is ready to be mailed on.Here are the pictures of the Block and a close up of the Poppy.

Close up of my Fan

This is the finished block

Today I took pictures of the finished block for the Asian RR. This block belongs to Diane in Canada.First I did all my seam treatments .When I looked at this block I knew it needed color.So here is what I did a simple fan. I appliqued the fan first did my leaves and finished with Silk ribbon flowers.It was fun to work on this block.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is the combined Block we all worked on it together and it was fun to finish it with the SR roses on the lower left,snow flakes on the lower right and the wreath with bow.

I just got back from the post office where I mailed the X-Mas /Winter Blocks for Lisa in Arizona. We had one combined block because one lady dropped out of the RR and one individual block. Here is my Block

Monday, March 15, 2010

This is another fairy Block I have finished, I do love the colors that Carolyn has selected for her blocks.I added seam treatments with beading and a tatted butterfly, the little square I gotten on E-bay some time ago and it screamed to be on that block.Finished with silk 3- flowers and velvet leafs.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally another RR was finished.This was the last block for the Summer DYB,belongs to Lyn in Texas and I was not so sure what to do with it .First used black coffee to age the white trim,stitched the waves on the bottom,made a fishnet and placed the lighthouse and beads, the top was easy,some silver sequin stars and Cat tails on the right side finished with a silver butterfly. It does look like summer on the waterfront to me.

This morning I mailed of the Blocks for the CQI group.First was Nicki Lee`s Asian Block. It was so much fun to work on it ,I did the seam treatment in a wonderful silk variegated thread and added the folded Japanese flowers.Then I had to embellish the kimono and gave her a new face. Because the upper right side was so heavy I decided to make the 3-D cherry blossoms on the lower left to balance the block out.