Monday, November 18, 2013

New supplies, cake and sewing

I have been home for almost three weeks now and have gained 8 pounds. So this morning the contractor did not show, my new supplies came in and I did set my new sewing area up. To make myself feel better I baked a plum cake and now I`m just waiting for it to cool a little.
  I used the last two cans of plums I bought at Aldi last year just bought a whole new pallet of them last week.
  new supplies needed for my snowballs
 this is my new makeshift sewing area while our son is living with us.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I got a new snowball

This is the snowball I got yesterday. I was stunned when I opened the envelope. The tree is AMAZING! Renee did such a great job that I want to swap with her again!

 I have to post her blog for you, please go and take a look she does such wonderful work!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Still working on my Mystery KAL

This is all the different patterns, now I have to knit to desired length and in 2 weeks we will get the last part.

Todays work

I made my bread first and then the Apple sauce cake. Bread is awesome ,cake not so much, the apple sauce is just to runny taste was not bad.

 as always recipe from

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What I`m working on...

I have started clue #2. of my Knitting Delight Group Mystery.The first pattern is #A and I decided to make it with the lighter purple. I have to tell you that I now need new glasses because I did not see a pattern and ended up with a small mistake.

 This is a gift I`m making for my friend Doris we got the yarn yesterday at Tuesday Mornings in Manhattan Kansas. Because it is such a quick and easy pattern it is just perfect to work on when I had enough with my Knitting delight Mystery.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I baked a new bread and finished another UFO Block

I was looking for a new recipe for a easy white bread and did find it here

you can trans late the page to English. The dough was easy to make, I baked it on a pizza stone at 437 electric oven for 35 minutes and it was just perfect. I also tried something new with it called magic mud, 200ml water ,1tblspoon starch,1tblspoon salt bring to a boil and safe in the refrigerator. I brushed it on right in the middle of the baking time and it made the bread shiny just like the ones in the store. Smells good and taste`s even better ,I took half over to my neighbor for dinner because tomorrow I will make my Grandma`s sweet bread. While my bread was baking I finished my Autumn DYB , this has been sometime now and I got only one more UFO Block left to finish ! Well I guess staying home is not so bad after all, today I final figured out why I don't get all the things done I plan for each day "the days are shorter" I`m pretty sure about it  because at work the day would take so much longer to end !
 my DYB from the Autumn RR

 magic mud

Bruschetta Italian White Bread

Black and Jewel colors block finally finished

I do not even remember when this Jewel tones on Black RR was. So I was very happy to finally finish this block this morning . Now I will have to think what kind of fabric and color to use to bring them all together, I know black would be just perfect but I would like to get something more unexpected!
 my own block

 all six blocks together

I got a new snowball in the mail

This is a wonderful new snowball I got yesterday in the mail from Tahlia . I love the roses and look at that awesome tatted dragonfly, I was so happy that I had asked Tahlia to swap with me, now I have to make sure she likes the one I will make for her just as much as I love hers!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Alice`s Block

It was such fun working on this block that I could easily have finished it all by myself. When I first saw the block I knew that I wanted to make a seam treatment with silk ribbon and beads. Keeping with the colors requested by Alice I decided to make swags, flowers and add my glass heart beads. The silkie was ironed to hot and burned on the bottom so I wanted to cover it up with the gold trim. The gold lace motive was a gift that Meg W. had sent some time ago and it was the perfect addition , I did some gold thread stitching to finish my work I wanted to fill up the upper empty part with the Art Nouveau cabochon . I do hope that Alice will like my work .
 Block after Susan`s  and my work

 Gold trim and lace applique

 Art Nouveau Cabochon

close up of SRE with glass heart beads

Friday, November 1, 2013

FB pay it forward gifts

At the beginning of the year I has signed up for a pay it forward exchange. Mary and Jacque where the first two to get a hand made little something.
  I added the lace/ rickrack/trim to the store bought towels, knitted the Dish/Wash cloth and crochet the Scrubby. I had fun making these .

More things got finished

The Dentist I was working for the last 11 years  decided to close the office Tuesday morning, I was shocked to go from a full time job to being unemployed in just minutes. I know I`m better off for it was no candy licking to work for him. But now I`m off to new adventures and have time to finish some UFO`s and long due pay it forward gifts. here are two things I got done.
 I had fun knitting the scarf and will make one for myself .
 Love the wall quilt that finally was finished and will also be a gift.

I have joined a new KAL

This Knit along just started yesterday and here is the link to the FB Group
  I tried several times to use the larger needles but I just have a problem with getting big holes ,so I stick to the largest I can handle which is 2.75 US and I know I will have to knit a lot more but it will look a lot better too!