Sunday, March 31, 2013

New birds in my yard

They just spoke to me and now I wish I had bought the blue one too!
 This green one is on the back porch

 as you can see the red bird is close to Bobbi our mailbox

  the orange one is on the tree and you will see her as you walk up to the front door
 and just because I can I made my hubby cut some more of our trees to our neighbors house because I really do not like her and I know it will piss her off, so all in all a good weekend! and yes I can be this mean but not without a good reason!

Happy Easter and happy me

This is my newest snowball! The whole piece and close up of the wonderful embroidered little bird, all done in  pink,green and cream/white .

I have received this wonderful snowball from Kristie two days ago. you know how  happy I am with such wonderful work,  made just for me. Love it! Who needs a Easter bunny if you can get such a cute little bird?Thank you Kristie !

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Block finished

This is Kristie's block for the Encrusted DYB RR.

 She likes lace, tatting, silk ribbon,antique buttons, I stayed in the colors of her fabrics just as she had requested and had fun with it . After three days I had all this added and hope she will like it. I know the block should have been maybe a little more into Asian themed embroidery but for me it was more what will look good with the Silkies that was on the block.

I loved the colors of this block and had fun working on it.I added lace, beads, charms, trim,buttons, satin and velvet leafs,butterfly appliques,  silk ribbon and floss embroidery , Yes I`m done, not much more room left to fill so I stop here and get ready for the next challenge.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday baking

  The dough is just like a Butter cookie I used half for the bottom and the other half as a crumble on top of the filling which  is chocolate and vanilla pudding mixed with poppy seeds.

This is a very smooth filling and very moist , love the crust and crumble, not overly sweet , just right and did not even need a whip cream with it ! Another one to bake for our friends to taste.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another little bird arrived

Love the lace ,how awesome is my little bird?
So creative and unexpected. Big smile on my face ,yup it is all mine.

This was made by Laurie in MI and it is just perfect! The colors are a little off from all my other pink`s and greens but it sure will stand out at the end.Thank you Laurie hope we can swap again!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This is a keeper

The cake is moist ,fruity, juicy, fluffy and has great texture . The flavor is just yummy! It will be on my favorite recipe list for sure! So quick and easy .

You know I had to do this

My husband loves cake and here is something new,Hazelnut-Chocolate I also added  a can of tart cherries and almond slices on top ,recipe is as always from this German website ,click on translate for English!

DYB RR Blocks

Pink,cream ,white and greens only!

These are my blocks for the Encrusted DYB RR. I decided to go with my favorite colors and theme Roses to complete my Wall hanging because I have an AWESOME group to work on them!

Not much to do this weekend?

Well after I had my ESI yesterday and I have to admit I blacked out on the first try they finished it with the second one. Because of my prior surgery it was so hard for her to get the needle in and find the right spot, anesthetic did not work I could feel it all but that was no big deal it is the Do nothing just resting part for the next few days that bothers me. So this morning just finished setting up my bagutte dough and my Oat bread dough for tomorrow. Hubby went to the gym and I seperated the laundry for him to do when he gets home. Now I will go and make a few more blocks before he gets home so I can mail out my next two DYB RR`s .That will be all for today .So far I feel good and I want to keep it this way!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

This weekends work

 These are my new set of blocks for the DYB RR. My theme is India.

 Just like my last set I have some original appliques to be used in my blocks from:

 Fabric is original from India here is the ETSY link

That is all I can show for today, I have been working on my Pay it forward gifts and they should be a surprise for the recipient!