Tuesday, November 4, 2014

almost forgot, Ofenberliner and Mon Cheri

I almost forgot to show you my Berliner and

 these are so good used dark chocolate for myself and milkchocolate for my hubby , soaked my can of tart cherries after  it was drained in Rum and Sugar overnight, melted the chocolate and put one teaspoon in the plastic mold from the Toffefee container , one cherry placed and covered with more chocolate ! yup It is awesome !
  home made Mon Cheri!

New shawl finished

Since I still have not found a new job , thanks to the Old Fu... I have worked for , I had time to knit a Sixtysstyle shawl out of yarn from my basket . Some is 25 years old and I love the combination of knit and crochet ! It is another design by Birgit Freyer :http://www.die-wolllust.de/shop/Instructions-patterns/Tuecher/Tuch-SixtyStyle::14448.html 
 I would like to try the socks , loop and fingerless gloves to ! looks like more fun and since I will be using what I have at home it will be colorful !
I used Sock yarn and needle size 6