Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

We had lunch with our boys at La Fiesta in Abiline Kansas today for our 30th Wedding Anniversary. The food was good as always and after 1/2 a margarita I needed a nap. For dinner I have a roll with sweet cherry marmelade made by my friend Sylvia in germany. We use to buy these big black bing cherrys right next to the exit on the Autobahn,they where so good ,sweet and hugh.  I miss that,also picking Wetterauer strawberries.

First Fabric Book

The front cover was made with folded flowers.Our family enjoys  the asian lifestyle,with my husband being from the Philippines no big surprise there,I love the Japanese  fabrics and history behind it. After reading the book  The Geisha I started to collect antique kimono fabrics. 

I love to add a little bling, nothing over the top.

Our first born,we call him lovingly our" Big One"

Our "Little One" born 8years after his big brother,but by now he caught up in weight and size.

My first fabric book was made 5 years ago to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.Today it is our 30th Anniversary and I have started a new book and I will blog about it more later.

My new blue scarf

I have done another one of these quick scarf`s, in shades of blue and a little turquoise,perfect match to my little bag.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Art work

This is a Christmas Doll I made for Narelle in Australia. It was my first ever Doll and I will be making more,it was fun and I love designing the cloth for her .
 A small quilt  from my personal collection,first felted and then embroidered.

Birds of color,applique and embroidery,was made  for a quilt swap ,but not enough people had signed up so
it never left my house.I know it will find a place sooner or later.


This is the whole block.

Close up of my yellow Rose,instructions from a Di van Niekerk book.

Meg requested yellow Roses only for this block.It will be auctioned off for a Firefighter fund in Texas.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crazy quilt block update

Wendy`s finished Fairie block.

Close up of the dressed fairie.

Now she is finished, I just added a little sun dress with a hand colored flower to match the fabric on either side.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My new KAL

Close up of the pattern ,this is another design by Birgit Freyer here is her link : to her shop and for the yahoo group if you would like to join. It is a german group but patterns are in several languages and so are the comments.Check it out.

I have started to knit another piece  with  the Knitting group I belong to. It is a mystery shawl  in the shape of a Banana? Since it is my first one I will have to wait for the next clue this week and finish it the week after with clue #3. Hope to be able to work on it some more tonight but I was so excited that I had to share some pictures. I know it is green again but will be just the right shade for my new brown wool jacket.

Almost finish

I have been working on this little fairies block for Wendy and I thought it was finished. Now looking at the picture I think my fairy needs a dress.

They are blooming

Just took a few pictures of my flowers before the outside of the house will be done.Hope it will be finished before Thanksgiving but I keep adding little things to the plan  like new doors ,roll shutters ,  lights and for sure new columns in the front.

What to do with "Leftovers"

I saw this wonderful quick shawl here and used three yarns that I had from my last shawl and socks.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Shawl

This Shawl  is for my Mom for X-Mas.

Close up of pattern

This wonderful design is called Wabenschal and is from my knitting group found here:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lisa`s Autumn Block

This is my part of stitching on the Autumn Block.Rick Rack ,beads,velvet leaves and a gold leaf charm on the upper left side. Velvet ribbon and beads with embroidery on the upper right side.

My first ever X-stitching on a Crazy quilt block with little gold charms.

This is my Kansas Sunflower for Lisa. I used silk ribbon and beads.