Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was not going to buy anything today but as always the stores had items that I had been looking for . First Aldi had this cute little scale and Dutch oven style pot,how could I not get it?
And at Tuesday Mornings I found my Baking forms from Kaiser at such a great price that I could not resist.2 christmas gifts also found their way to my house, and all the cloth on sale!It is already in the washmachine .I love days like this, just making up for the not so good days. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

UFO IV MemoryQuilt

My Sister in law Aida was killed in a car accident in October 1991. I had never met her in person,we had only spoken on the phone cause we still lived in Germany at this time. Coming to the states for her funeral was not easy. It was also meeting my husbands family for the first time and our 10th wedding Anniversary the same month . I did put all this in a place far away from where I was  until now, when I decided it was time to finish it. I`m happy to have it on my wall and remember Aida every time I look at it.
 I don`t even remember when I had started this quilt,but I know I just could`t work on it without getting very emotional. The green butterfly's are made out of  Aida`s dress that I took with me . I wonder if anyone else in the family remembers her wearing this dress to work ?

Sunday, September 12, 2010


What a great weekend this turned out to be. My UFO  #3 is finished.I just took this machine appliqued small quilt top and turned it into a  pillow.It will be just perfect with my CQ Autumn themed Pillows as soon as I get the second one done.Can you tell I really want to start something new? Well 3 down 7 to go.

Cleaning and Decorating

It was time to clean the house a little today since nothing was done last weekend.This morning my DH went fishing and I cleaned the stairs and got my new rug out that I just could not leave in the store yesterday.The size is perfect and the colors go well with my dark red stair threads. Now I know that there was a couple of runners in the same rug and I`m pretty sure if it is still in the store on Wednesday it also will go home with me.


My second UFO for this years is almost finished , all I have to do is knot of all the threads and then I can move on to the next one. This quilt shows my blocks. These blocks where made for the house ,garden & flower exchange,the blocks are 14 years old? So it was about time it got finished and displayed.I`m not sure how many more I can finish this year but I do hope to do one per month,so I will still have enough time to work on my CQ RR`s and I have 2 custom quilts to make. I decided not to start any new quilts for myself until I have done 10 UFO`S! My studio needs to be cleaned up as well.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Autumn CQ Block

This is my first posting for September. I was able to finish this wonderful little Autumn block for Margreet in the Netherlands. She has sent a piece of fancy yarn and a little flower button that everyone should incorporate into the block they are working on.We also should only use colors in the same nuances as her fabrics in the block. I used the yarn on the stem of my grass on the left corner and you can see the little golden flower in the middle of the block.Hope Margreet will enjoy the Fall tree in silk ribbon ,I added a spider, cat and mouse to complete my work on this little block.Now they will be mailed of to Ritva in Finland.