Saturday, December 31, 2011

My son raided my sock wool stash

This is what he wanted.I thought he was joking but he really liked the colors and since he has a Tie collection in every color and shade of every color to go with his new socks  I have started to knit some more for him. He does wear them when he is working for the  K-State Athletic department on televised Game Days.So awesome my socks get to be on national TV and no one knows that I made them.

Roses,Roses,Roses Block ready to be mailed on

The whole block .

Silk Ribbon Roses,beads,hand painted lace.

A seam treatment with pearls,glass beads,silk ribbon and velvet leafs.

This resin cabochon is attached with glass beads.

My work is done and the block is going to the next Round Robin Participant to be stitched on. Because of all these porcelain roses,the floss was tangled and ribbed a few times, it was a pain in the you know what to work on this otherwise wonderful block.It has a lot of embellishments and very little stitching .This is something that has bothered me,it should be all about the embroidery with some embellishments and not the other way around.That`s just how I feel about it!

The last three blocks are done but....

All nine blocks together, lace,floss,silk ribbon,buttons,resin cabochons,glass beads,charms and stampings where used on silk fabric.

Here are the last three blocks for the Nickle swap,but now we don`t have enough people to swap with? I had so much fun working on these little blocks and hope we will have more swaps like this.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

got my Boy`s home

I`m always happy to just hear their voices on the phone but I love to have them home with us.

It is just wonderful to have the kids home .

They are still wet.....

Oh you all knew that I could not wait to try this new felting yarn so here it is Size 8 needles and just a few hours and they are done.This is what I started out with, my husband and kids laughed about the "size"..

Washed them 3 times and now you can see just right. I used the plastic insert that came with another pair of shoes I knew it would come in handy one day,so I had saved it.

My new slippers are still wet and I`m thinking I might want to decorate them somehow? I will have to wait till they are dry and see what I can do.This was fun to do.

My Christmas gift for my son

I was very lucky to find wool yarn in my sons University colors,so here are the sock I made for him in Kansas State colors purple, gray and white. He just asked if i could make him some more like I have nothing else to do than knitting socks for him.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Getting ready for my Guests

I`m almost done setting the table for my guest`s.This year I decided on Blue ,White and Red. Tables center piece with Sylvia's table cloth just in from Germany.

Thank `s to my friend Heike,she gave me 2 of these pillow cases years ago and they are just perfect .

My friend Sylvia sent me the table cloth and for the first time I `m using my Spode Plate Collection for Dinner with pier 1 Redbird plates I bought 2 years ago.

Because of my back problems I was not able to bake and decorate a lot this year but  I have my Boys home and that's all I need.

More goodies from Home

As you all know I love to bake! I got hazelnuts,almonds,poppy seeds,oblate,marzipan,nougat and krokant, so this will be used very soon.

Friday, December 23, 2011

All just for me

I got another Surprise box from Germany.This is the book that was mailed with two packages of wool to knit  slippers and then felt it in the waschmaschine.

It even has a set of bamboo needles in each pack!

 Two packs of this yarn,enough for a jacket or two Boleros if I was half the size I`m.

And after knitting I will be able to rest in this therapeutic soaking bath oil.
 I love all these Surprise packages my friends send ,they always know what to get me ,to make me very happy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three more done

This is the second set of three blocks,I have used everything I could find silk ribbon,charms,beads,lace ,cabochons and floss.

The colors do not show some of the embroidery as good as you can see it in person on the block ,maybe it is the light?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hand quilted Christmas gift

This is a table runner I made for the Global Christmas swap. My swap partner is Carol in New Zealand.

I made three of these blocks added a border and binding. I have not hand quilted in years but for this I think it was the best choice I made and ended up with sore and bloddy fingers.

I have also packed these German" must have" Christmas cookies and hope Carol and her family will enjoy them.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Embroidery for today

Silk Ribbon,lace ,beads and charms on Cream on Cream CQ Blocks .
I have signed up for a Nickle swap. We have to make nine five inch blocks with 1/2 inch seam, completely finished. Each block has to have 3 seams and should be cream on cream.

This is my first set of 3 and as you can see it is hard to work with cream on cream only. A little stretching with shades of cream but the end results will be awesome.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just out of the oven

I bought two cans of plums at Aldi and decided this morning to make a almond dough and put some cinnamon streussel on top. It smells so good. Well I had to cut a piece for my friend Doris to take home and tasted just a small sliver,yes I`m making some whip cream and have another piece.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Roses for Ely

This is  a very sweet block ,love the choice of fabrics and theme. First I stitched the Rose and added velvet leafs.A few charms ,lace motive with beading ,two seam treatments with trim and beads and a Silk Ribbon Rose completed my work .

Carols Autumn Block

I love Fall and to work on this wonderful block was fun.I first added the leaf in the upper right corner ,it is a crewel design I have on one of my antique pillows.The seam treatment with the green and yellow leafs was next and to finish my work on this block I hand painted a lace motive and attached it with beads.