Saturday, June 30, 2012

Knitting Up date

I`m so happy to have finished this long sweater, to hot at this time in Kansas to waer it,so it will be ready for fall.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Up date on Tammy`s FFT #21 block

So this is what I did to make the lower left more cohesiv, first I did more of the featherstitching to fill it all, removed that wool pink thread,stitched my seam,added pink  beads and yellow flowersflowers. Placed the Rose cabochon and used more beads a little bow with two golden charms complete my work, Just wanted the colors from the upper right to come down to the lower left and I do like it now better then before atleast it looks finished now and if tammy does not like it she can always remove it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aimee Rays Book and Patterns on the Asian Nights DYB

 I got this book last year and love the style that Aimee uses for her designs.

 This is what I made out of her pattern

 This was a design for 2012 year of the dragon at  her etsy store and you have to go and look at all the cool designs she has at

 my completed block for Sarma R.

close up of fan and bracelet with asian charms.

 Here are all six blocks together.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tammy`s FFT #21 block

 This is what the block looked like when it got here. Not much left for me to work with,upper left corner and  it had two seamtreatments done. So  I had to work around that.

 This is what I did. My first time to make Bullion Roses with silk ribbon.

 The completed block or so I thought.

So after I have been looking at this block for hours I just can`t bring myself to mail it out ,I do not like the way the lower left looks and have to think what I can change so it looks more cohesive.

Monday, June 18, 2012


 I love them all. Each is so different and one more delicate then the other,so now off to see what we can do with them.


My friend Doris asked if I had any use for these ,do I ? They are from her grandma in Germany and as always my answer was oh yes I do have use for them!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today I signed up for this

I was reading on this blog about knitting socks for a group of mentally  handicapped adults in a group home in Germany.
I told my wonderful friend Doris about it and we decided that I knit the socks( Doris does not  knit) and she will get some sweets to go into the packages . We picked her namesake Doris with red socks,Nicole with a pair of white ones and Harry ( my dads brother was named Harry) with blue /green socks. So over the next several month we will be posting more about this .

Something NEW

I`m so excited this is my NEW interchangeable knitting needle. I wanted to see how it works for me and just got it for $10 on e-bay,had it in two days and now I can start the new KAL from the Knitting Delight group,more about it later.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just in from Australia

 I do not know what this is,but it is a thank you from little Annie for knitting the sweater for her.

  I had told my friend Doris not to waste her money on souvenirs for anyone, no stupid key chain with a kangaroo or T-shirt with Australia on it  needed here.. She knew I wanted something more original and that's where these AWESOME tea towels come in , I would have preferred a young version of this guy but I`m O.K. with the towels.

Love the tea towels,look at the colors and design it screams to be used in something art related!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

UFO #3

 Summer block is completed !

 Left side

 Right side

This is the last block for this weekend. It is the Summer DYB from 200? I love sunflowers and this one was made in silk ribbon with glass beads as leaves.

Cleaning out and up

 I still have to look at all the folders with recipes,knit designs,embroidery and good advice notes.

 Top shelf all things Japanese
second shelf all Quilting arts magazines,third shelf just embroidering books,fourt shelf knitting books and magazines and on the bottom art related dvd`s and wood boxes waiting to be embroidered.

 Top shelf baking and cook books,second shelf more cook books,third shelf fiber arts and other art related books and magazines,fourth shelf some scrapbooking materials and printer fabric in sheets and rolls.Bottom shelf is still empty.

This morning I decided to clean out ,dust and rearrange my book shelf in the computer room.Now I know by just looking where everything is .

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jogurt and Fruit

This is a wonderful refreshing Yogurt and heavy cream cake with pineapple and mandarin's.

After working in the flower beds this morning I made my cake and as you can see more peaches from our little tree. I have to say they are very tasty .Now a short nap for me and when I get up my cake should be cold and ready to be eaten.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My last five UFO blocks

That's  the last five blocks I have left to finish. Two Autumn,a Summer,Jewel`colors on black and a Asian block. We will have to wait and see how many more I can work on this weekend.Tomorrow morning I have to clean out some flower beds and hope to be stitching before it gets hot.

UFO # 2

 This is my finished block from the spring DYB RR, I do not remember what year.Now it is finished!

 Left side close up

 Right side close up

 SRE heart with beads and glass button with dragonfly.

 I have always enjoyed making these flowers and pair them with velvet leafs.

UFO finished more to follow

 My finished UFO Fairy block from the last year DYB RR or has it been two years ago? It sure has been way to long and now they have to get finished!

 This is the left side of the block.

 Here is the block from the right side.

 Close up of my flowers in varigated pearl thread ,glass beads and satin leafs with glass heart beads on the seamtreatment.
This will be UFO weekend, I `m trying to finish as many blocks as I can.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bonnies FFT#21 Block

 Just a simple spiderweb rose in silk ribbon with beads.

  Beaded dragonfly
 I decided to stitch with green silk all the way around the fairy and the cabochon up to the end of the block and added pink  beads to it.

 I had to fill a few more empty spots and decided on the pink glass heart beads to complete my seam treatment.I love making these little flower baskets and placed a silver charm to finish this part of my work.

  This little heart with glas bead flowers and silk ribbon leafs complement the leafs on the other corner.

 Two love bird charms made this my final addition to this block.

This will be a wonderful block when completed.All this wonderful work is done by Linda S. ,Lorraine S. and myself. Now it will be mailed to be finished by Tammy.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


 As you can see with the rulers next to it ,not a small bread.

It is still a little warm but I just don`t want to wait till tomorrow morning. My grandmas recipe for this awesome Butterzopf.I love it just with butter on top but adding my mom`s homemade marmalade out of cherries and apricots from my garden makes it so much yummier.