Monday, July 14, 2014

Finished snowballs

I have finished several snow balls and did not take pictures of all of them but here are my two
  Tone on tone for  Wilma in the Netherlands
pink and gray for Kristie


Sunday, June 1, 2014

End of the month up dates

 This is my weather blanked end of may, long enough and with 7 month left to work on it not sure how I will continue at this point.

and my sky scarf end of may and also 7 month left to grow !

Friday, May 30, 2014

Almost finished our upstairs bathroom

 I had two shelf's placed on the left side when I walk into the room to break up the long wall and as you see kept with the bird and tree theme of the wall decals and used only the same colors as in the tiles of the shower !

 over the toilet is one  shelf

and  that's where I keep the pretty and good smelling  soaps

so much to do in the Fairy garden .....

I decided to make each Flower bed  with a theme this year and here is the beginning of my Fairy and angel garden .

Our son has finally done it !

  Never thought this day would come , but after six years he finally did it !

  he always has to stand out !

 inside the Stadium

 On May 17  , 2014 our youngest son Ricardo became a Kansas State Graduate ! We are so proud of our boys !

Friday, May 16, 2014

More Crazy Quilting done

This is my Jewels on Black Wall hanging ! the blocks were done such a long time ago and I finally got it set and done. I decided to use a dark blood red silk with it and just stippled it , it did come out just as I was hoping . I was thinking of using black for the background first but then decided it was the obvious choice and that was absolutely not if I wanted to have the blocks stand out !

Last weekends BBQ

So much fun!
 I baked my favorite Schwarzwaelder Kirsch - Black Forest Cake, a Banana Torte, Fruit cake and Hummel Kuchen , a plain cake which got almonds ,sugar and heavy cream as a topping

 My two boys

 the girlfriend of my oldest son

  my friend Doris and her hubby

 the children of friends