Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tow more shawls finished

I have finished two more shawls since I have joined another knitting and crochet group on FB . 
 I used varigated yarn from turkey , orange wool from the US and green bamboo from China a gift for my friend Doris , pattern is from here:

 This is called LLtuch and I just googled it here:

I used yarn from Germany not sure how old it is but decided to knit till all the yarn was gone and so I did . it is 260 cm on the top .added tassels and thats it .

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My entries for the PNQE Show

I was finally able to get the O.K. to post pictures of my two quilts for the SAT 16 Challenge from the Stretching Art and Traditions. This year was Illuminated Letters and mine are my initials RC. I painted the R and added 3-D roses made out of satin ribbon and embroidered silk ribbon roses , my inspiration was my Tattoo ! The letter C was a challenge because it is raw edge applique and that is totally against my love for perfection, I added the tree which was a hankie or doily I found in the thrift shop and placed a little bracelet charm from my home town on the branch.  Now it was time to design  a family crest . My maiden name is Wolf and my husbands last name is Cruz .

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Working in the yard

 As I was working in the yard , moving 15 Mums to different flower beds I actually got stung by a bee ! First time this year , it was burning till late into the night and this morning it was hot and swelling was started , stupid bee sting allergies, tried the sugar and spit as always and it helped a lot no ER this time ! But I enjoyed my flowers still in bloom and a few little guests !

 I planted my strawberries and bell peppers in my flower beds this year and they are doing so great !

 not sure what this is I did not plant it !

 my first Hungarian bell pepper still waiting for it to turn a real yellow !

 this rose has turned from a wonderful lilac to this pink color after I took it out of the pot !

Sky scarf is finished

As I was knitting the end of August on my sky scarf I realized that I had to stop and be done with it . It was long enough but most of all it got to be heavy because of the big glass beads I used for rainy days, so here it is all done ! Started January 1 of 2014 and ended August 31 of 2014.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It is blooming and a guest

My Angel trumpet flowers are blooming , two different colors on one bush !  And as I was watering my Jasmine

this little fellow came out of the pot to greet me !

Monday, August 25, 2014

Four Seasons Wall Hanging

Thank you to all the ladies from the CQ International group that participated in all these DYB RR`s . I could not have done this without you ! I love my new piece of Art !





Saturday, August 23, 2014

Quilt is done !

I  am so happy to have this one done as I will take it to my son next week end and I hope the new furniture has been delivered by then !