Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy Quilting International Up Date

My latest project has been this block for the Crazy Quilting International Group. It will be a quilt made out of blocks in the colors of the flag for each country we have members in.I was lucky to sign up and got my German Flag. We did not have to make the block as a flag but use the colors of each flag as the background. So there is a lot of things we can put on our blocks and I have started with some seam treatments .For the black part of my flag the seams are embroidered in red & yellow, the red part is embroidered in yellow & black and for the gold part of the flag I used black & red only. Now that my background is ready to be worked on I decided on the placement of the Autobahn. Oh yes, I miss the Autobahn! Roses frame the first Castle and thinking of my brother who actually is working in One. His job for the German Government is in the wonderful New Castle in Stuttgart and it will be a must for me to put it on this block later.With my love for dogs you know that a German Shepard will protect my block and I wonder if I have enough room to show of all the things I love about my German Hometown.

A new Round Robin

Here are the Naked blocks for the next DYB . The theme is Tone on Tone and I decided to make mine cream on cream.

Crazy Quilting finished Blocks

It is a cold and foggy morning and at least I have some colorful photo`s to show.This is my work on Wendy`s Jewels on Black DYB Block. I wanted to bring colors from  block 1 and 3 together. Hand dyed lace with a beaded Dragon fly and some Turkish Oyas.

This is my completed Block.

These are all the completed blocks from this group together .

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My new Lace knitting project

My first attempt to knit a lace shawl.

Fine lace yarn is like a size 12 pearl thread.

I went to see my boy`s yesterday . After cleaning up a little and doing some laundry my Husband and I had lunch. We went home and I took a nap. I know I should have finished Wendy`s jewels on black block but instead I checked out some German knitting blogs.Here I found a pattern for my first try to knit lace.It is called Birch  bottom Up.Took me a little to get started using the lace yarn I had bought last year. My needles are smaller then I`m used to and it just takes for ever to see a result.But I think I will like it when it is done.

Friday, February 18, 2011

New 22 foot hallway runner

This is 22 foot of color,but it is very light and easy on the eye.

Just delivered ,my 22 foot hallway runner.Not bad for ordering on line,it will do the job .Now I have to decide if I like it enough to get the same as a rug  for the dinning room.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Autumn Block

This is a Autumn Block for the CQInternational Group I belong too.
I was just finishing up this wonderful little Autumn Themed Block for Deloris. Since she wanted to see what seam treatments we could come up with I spend more time on them. Seam treatments are not my strong point and so this was a challenge for me. Here I used velvet ribbon ,beads and a satin leaf trimm. Then embroidered my Berry`s with this wonderful varigated pearl floss from Evening Star Design added a few velvet leafs and this block is done! I do hope that the owner will enjoy it, I sure had fun working on it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Pillow cases

My bright pillow cases cheer me up.

It has been a rather nasty outside,just cold and everything looked gray and dark. It is to start snowing again tonight or tomorrow. I was so happy to have lunch with my two son`s in Abilene,Kansas,at La Fiesta. This is a really good restaurant for our area. So after lunch we got home and my Husband made a fire in the fireplace , it got all warm,nice and cozy. I took a nap till my DH brought my coffee and I decided to make some colorful pillow cases.I do love the way the different fabric lines work together.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I need help!

I have been looking at this green for sometime now and wonder if it is to much color?
Which one?

This blue fabric does not compete with the top.

I have been working on this top today  and just can`t make up my mind about a border.The green fabric is just as bright and I`m not sure if it takes away from the quilt top.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

German Flag Block

Here she is Schwarz,Rot und Gold,the German Flag is  Black ,Red and Gold.

I have signed up to make a block in the colors of the German flag for the CQI group I belong to.  So today with this very cold snow day I started to work on it and have now finished my "Naked Block" Mine is just   one of many, all the blocks will later be assembled to make one big quilt embroidered and decorated in Crazy quilt style

More Supplie arrived today

tree fairy`s

Perle cotton

flower fairy`s

I could not  believe that we actually got mail today. I was happy to see my fairy silkies and some Perle cotton in greens and pink/purple.I like to order from Evening Star design always quick to ship and ordering is painless.

The snow storm has started

This is the completed Block,when this Round Robin is finished it will be back in Finland.

A closer look of the felted tree.

This morning Dr. A   decided to keep the office closed. Yeah I have a snow day! But no new block `s to work on. So I just took a picture of Helinae`s block from the Autumn DYB  RR. This is one of my favorite tree`s I have made so far. I love the colors in the fabric and so proud of my two seam treatments ,never have I done any so elaborate . I first stitched my tree and then got my wool roving's out to felt a little, added my beads and satin leaves and  Voila it is finished. I hope it will be enjoyed as much as I enjoyed working on it.