Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Knitting again

It takes me about two days to knit a wash cloth and they can always be used for dishes if it feels to rough to some ones skin.

Here are my new wash cloth I knitted for my friend Doris and myself. She liked the way it felt to her skin so she asked me to make some for her.Surprise when wet they feel like sand paper but in a good way.Ha ha you will not need a peeling mask after using them.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New colors for this summer

And here is the coverlett. I do like the maroccan influence in the color and design.
This is the new set of green sheets with Duvet covers from germany and pillows.I was glad they match very well.

Here are the pictures of my new sheers and curtains.They are a little longer then I like them,so next weekend I will shorten them.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer quiltie

This is the summer quiltie from my Art 4 mail group . It is from Marijke in Holland.I have not even started mine and she has hers already mailed.It is so me! How did she know I collect frogs, love any shade of green and the embroidery?Thank you Marijke also for the postcard. So nice of you to tell me a little about yourself. All my postcards are under a heavy plastic on my dinning table. This way I can always dream a little when I look at them.

Taking it easy

Darlene was quicker and made another Blue & White block for the Asian RR.So I changed my colors to reds.The black blocks look very gray and I have tried several times to take different shots at it,but always the same results.

This weekend I will be taking it easy.I decided to clean my studio,to make more room for more Art.Did some laundry because I got a big package from Germany ,2 sets of Duvet covers with pillow cases, sheers and curtains,bed cover and table runner.I was in heaven when the second package arrived today from Georgia with wonderful gift`s.Finished my Asian Block for the next RR and my Black Blocks for the DYB Jewels on Black.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yes I did it, my first UFO is finished .The House blocks where made by Sharon Rush .The theme was house -garden-flowers. We exchanged them every month while my family lived in Germany.I made all the tree blocks and decided to finish the quilt as a wall hanging .I don`t like to admit,but there are many more UFO`s waiting to be finished and I will try to get working on my next one soon!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My new Art work

This is a Plum tree in dark red just like my TV stand with bright red flowers.

I just love my
Dandelions in
my new bath room. They stand out just enough to be noticed. I was lucky to find this store
This is a great place to shop if you cant draw or paint like me!Go and take a look.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fall DYB Blocks

And this is my set of blocks for the Fall DYB RR.I changed my color palette for these a little by adding the purple and a little more vibrant colors then I did last year with my blocks.

Another RR is done

This is my work for Wendy.She allowed me to use a picture of her from her Blog and I hope she like what I did with it.I was finally able to use all these little tassels ,bells,feathers, beads ,sequins and charms.Variegated threads for the seam treatments and ribbon

These are the wonderful blocks from the Encrusted DYB with the Carnival-Mardi gras theme. Wendy is very lucky,they are so colorful and vibrant.Love how all the blocks come together.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The light is from Italy,it sparkles like Diamonds .The shelf is pear shaped and softens all the straight lines in the room. I returned all the towel holders because I just did not like the way they looked in the room .I wanted to keep the right side empty to put Artwork on it but that left only the spot over the toilette to put the bath towels.So I`m still checking and debating what and where to !

It is done!

I have been so lucky to find this faucet with hand held shower,just what I was looking for.The tub is an air tub and I love that I can use all my oils and bath salts in it.

There is little bees embroidered on my shower curtain and on my towels too.And I have a heater /light/vent on the ceiling,the heater dries my hair in a few minutes if I stand right under it,don`t have to blow dry it anymore.I did get this one piece Toilette because it is so high and my back say`s" Thank you" every time I sit down.

So my new bathroom is finally done. The tiles are in a light mottled cream and so is the floor. The Tub,Toilette and ceiling in white.Wall is a light turquoise ,same as my towels ,curtain and floor coverings.Vanity and mirror in wonderful warm red-brown and everything else glass and faucets in chrome. I love it !

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here are the before pictures of my bathroom.I just hated the sponged walls and that shower.The old sink and that big broken mirror is finally gone.

Time to get things done

This is my Little one,Ricardo is back home with us for a few days and I`m loving it.My brother has had a lot of health problems the last 12 month and I hope to go home next year to visit. Our very dear friend Hopse was killed in a horrible motor cycle accident and will be dearly missed .
The remodeling of my new bathroom is taking so much longer and everything that could go wrong did go wrong.Last night my husband primed and painted the ceiling and this morning the first coat of paint went up. I do love my color theme and can`t wait to decorate the room. Before and after pictures will be put up next week.