Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This is called galaKtoboureko,filo dough with a cream filling and more filo on top.

No Pie at our house today,I found this awesome Greek pastry on a German Food Blog and baked it last night,it is yummie, just can`t stop eating it. Here is a link
go and check it out!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Embroidered Roses

I had fun with this X-Stitch and silk ribbon embroidery. The Rose lace is hand painted and a simple charm added.
This dark red silk ribbon rose is bringing the color from the background fabric and my X- stitch roses together,more pink roses in the lace next to the green seam treatment finish my part in this block.
picture of the whole block

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another UFO finished

I don`t remember how long ago I have made this top but after I was done quilting my friends quilt I decided to quilt this top with the same blue thread. The angels background was quilted with white and it is all just free motion machine quilting.

The finished quilt ,not sure if it will end up on a wall or the table,it is not my style,to plain and primitive,I think it was a design from a Australian quilting magazine and I had added the stars to bring a little more color in. So I will have to find a good new home for it.Maybe it will grow on me?It does look rather sweet on my backyard flower trellis with all the dead vines around it as a backdrop.


Made in the USA

My friend Doris made this quilt top for her nephew in Germany and as always I got  to quilt it.Since this will be used daily and dragged around I just did some stippling.

I did sew and pin the binding so my friend  Doris can sew it and I also left the threads hanging for her because they are my two least favorite things to do.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A drink before dinner

Verpoorten Eierlikoer and American Fanta. Not the same as German Fanta but close.

I am having the Blues

This is my Blue and Silver Sharif Bag.

Yes it is a little wristlet to go with the bag and my new fingerless gloves that I have just finished today.
 My blue leftover Scarf with the matching fingerless gloves,who knows what `s next.

I have always loved blue,but this year I`m feeling "Blue" . More blues to come I`m sure.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My second fabric book is started

This flower girl is my Front cover.I used batting in between the pages ,I did not want to give it a stiff appearance but sweet and soft.

Our Wedding date October 30,1981 .My flower bouquet had yellow roses.This round piece of a rose embroidery is from an unfinished tablecloth i had gotton at a German flee market and thought it made the perfect addition to this page,on the right side a piece of a table cloth from Turkey used on the edge.

My heart belongs to my Husband and yes we are the Love birds!

The first two pages of my new book,completed and ready to add the next page,but I have to work on a few CQ blocks first.So this will have to wait till next week end.

Friday, November 4, 2011


My second Crazy quilt block for a Roses Round Robin is to start this month.

Two set`s finished and ready to go

My Mom loves green, so here is the first set I made for her to wear with a brown winter jacket.The yarn was almost lace yarn and I used a size 2mm needle set,I like how fine and thin it is.

A little  more robust ,sock yarn but also used a 3mm needle to knit ,a everyday set for my Mom .

These two set`s of gloves and scarf will go to my Mom tomorrow. I hope she will get it before the first snow comes in Germany.