Saturday, October 30, 2010

CQ embroidery

I love just about anything in  blue and white . My collection of blue & white porcelain is all over our house and my blue fabric stash  seems to have taken over . So when I got Darlene`s blue & white Asian Block in the mail I had no problem working on it. The upper left corner had a larger piece of fabric with feathers printed on it and so I was sure it needed a bird,this is my version of a White Peacock. The eye in the feather is a swarovski crystal and I used white beads to frame it. A little enamel flower ball fin the corner and a small bead with a  silver charm finish my work. On the lower right was a little corner piece just right for the porcelain bird and charm.As always it was fun to see how the block comes together and it will be mailed to the next member to finish it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Crazy Quilting

Here they are, my blocks for the next Autumn DYB Round Robin. This time I decided to keep my blocks tone on tone, but use the same fabrics that I have in my first RR blocks.

Small Art Quilts

More curtain rods going up.I love to hang my quilts in this way because it is so easy to change them out if I have to and I do no longer  put hanging sleeves on my quilts.. Here is my first row of small Arts quilts that where made for Challenges in magazines and other groups I belong to.

Supply shopping

My favorite way to get supplies for my CQ is shopping on ETSY. here is a picture of my last purchase and a second picture of the EXTRA GOODIES that came with it. I was Wowed ,what do you think? here is the link to the shop

my order

the Extras
go and check it out!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Crazy Quilting

Pictures are of Lisa`s Blocks for the Autumn DYB. Margreet  did a fantastic job with her block and that is always hard to follow,so I decided to make it a little Autumn Garden. Lisa wanted us to stay in pastell,natural colors and I hope she likes it.Can`t wait to see how Ritva`s block will turn out,she is so talented .The first two blocks look pretty nice together.This will be a great DYB.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Art 4 Mail

In the mail are my little 6x6 inch Quilties for the Art 4 Mail  swap.The theme was autumn and I had to sign up for this swap because I love all the fall colors. I used 2 fabrics,wool roving's to felted with organza trim,simple hand embroidery ,silk leaves,beads and charms.

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Quilts

After going through the house and deciding where to put the quilts that I want to keep my first Picture Memory Quilt ended up in our bedroom.This quilt was made shortly after I moved to the US in 1999.On the bottom is my first Flannel Quilt, which has appliqued leafs on it and I get out when it starts to get cold.


This is the wall you see when you walk into our computer room. One of my favorite quilts is this one.It was also my first attempt of trapunto .


Cleaning out and rearranging the rooms and deciding what to keep is a long process in my house. I love to display my quilts and get attached to most of them.It was time to hang my Hansel and Gretel Quilt. This was made for a Challenge on the Quiltart list I belong to.The quilts where displayed in Houston at the largest Quilt show and went on to several different venues.
When it was time for the quilts to come home some of the artist`s decided to auction of their quilts to support   Kid Comfort.This is a wonderful organisation and you can check out what Ann Flaherty has been doing.

Here are pictures of my quilt,the calender it was shown in and also the CD that my quilt was shown  as the front for "Fairy Tales" which you can buy on CD Baby



I`m so glad to have today off. Still so much to do and it was nice to sleep in. Last night I finished my pillow case and I really love it.I`m sure now that I did these there will be more custom made pillow cases to follow.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pillow cases

O.K. here are the two pillow cases I made this afternoon to go with my new set. The fabric is a very soft flannel and it is not as much fuchsia as I would have liked but it still looks not to bad. I made them king size but folded  them in for the standard size pillows.
Tomorrow I need to make one more for my Buckwheat pillow, found a fabric in my stash and hope it will be enough for the front and back.
Close up of the fabric.

Another Duvet Cover

This is a picture of the last set of pillow cases and duvet covers my mom sent from Germany. I had to get a sheet set last week end because these are not my colors that I usually buy. But I do like it,now that it is on my bed .Now I have to go and make some smaller pillow cases to go with it.