Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baking for today is DONE!

My first try to make donuts.

got the recipe from here:

 As you can see I love sugar and cinnamon, baked for 15 minutes and they taste really good!

I love these rustic rolls, same dough as I use for my Baguette.

Last two weeks finished projects

 These are my socks,the cuff is just perfect and I`m sure i will make a few more this way!

 I used leftover yarn to make the two hats to be donated.

Another scarf for donations done!

 three kind of leftover yarns made the scarf, I did not even realize it would go so well with a jacket my mom sent last year and also was surprised it turned out to be so long.

This is all for today. Now I have to work some more on Nicki Lee`s snowball!

Friday, December 21, 2012

New sweater for Lucy

 This is the top as you can see I had to add this crochet snowflake, if you knew Lucy you would agree it was fitting for her .

 The turquoise yarn has a sparkle metallic yarn in it

 here you can see the sparkle

My friend Doris bought the yarn and I had the pleasure to knit . Hope to get a picture where she is wearing it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last one for tonight

This is my favorite cookie, love the butter /almond flavor with seedless raspberry jam.This picture was taken before I tasted them!

Here they are

 Hazelnut macaroons, wish I had some whole nuts to decorate with but I`m just happy that my friends and family supply me with all the ingredients to bake.


My first load of German Christmas cookies for today, made with lots of butter and sugar.Now is nap time and then we will see what I can do .

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kristies snowball and my sweet bread

 I got this wonderful snowball from Kristie just in time to make it my Christmas snowball because of the darker colors she worked with.

 close up shows my initial R so you know it is mine,love it!

that's all for today, I had my cake with whip cream and after dinner I`m sure I will have a piece of my sweet bread with butter and strawberry marmalade while looking at more magazines.

It just came in from Germany

 Give me needles and yarn

 knitting magazines! and in German so I can read it

  these have awesome recipes for backing so look out what will be baked next
 love my gravy !

Fruit juice gummi bears and farm fresh eggs

and off to look at everything again.I will post more pictures later still sorting it out was an awesome big box,thank you Sylvia and Klaus!

Fresh this morning

 I used the walmart brand peaches in juice, they where really nice and firm.

Put cinnamon streussel on top

One hour later, ready to whip the whipcream and taste my still very warm cake.

This is how I started the day, cookie dough is in the fridge and sweet bread is rising.Now finish a scarf for next years donations .

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas cookies

First 120 cookies, the coconut has a wonderful flavor but lost it`s shape and the other one is half cocoa and half gingerbread flavored and I would NOT bake them again! Waisted all sunday morning to try something new.

I`m just gonna stick with my moms old cookie recipes. They just are the best!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


 my friend Doris donated the yarn and I made it this week

scarf was knitted last saturday on our road trip

yes I did buy the rest ,just not enough time left to make more

Now would be a good time to start making things for next year.All this will be going to the Pine Ridge Reservation please check out this blog!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Evening Sky

I was just out on my deck the evening sky was just to beautiful to be ignored.

Yesterdays findings and bad news

The plan was to bake these today but my dad just called to let me know my mom had a stroke last night and I`m just not in the mood anymore.

I gave in and bought more storage to post pictures


 No Thanksgiving without Corn muffins in our house

 I made this Pumpkin layered cake and it was Yummy

 It was breaking before I was even able to roll it, so I just baked another one and stacked it.

 Leftover Breakfast, I used a little liqueur instead of vanilla sugar!

So now we are back to posting again.