Sunday, June 30, 2013

Productive weekend

I`m so happy that we had such a productive weekend. My hubby painted two walls and assembled a wall of shelves. I had fun sorting,wiping and placing everything into containers . Hope to have it finished next week, I just wanted a clean and bright garage and it is getting there.

 I love the new white walls

 yup still a lot do
 but I `m finally getting things done my way!

Something new on my Needles

I wanted something new and I found it here
as you can see on the pictures I use 5 inch needles size 2.5 and use lace yarn to make my first loop.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More from my Crazy quilting RRS

This is my work for Anne, her theme is Egypt.

 Fist I stitched this palm tree

 I decided to make the Pyramids out of wool and used french knots as my sand ,a little sun shine to finish the upper corner

gold colored trim, beads and a Africa pendant map

  this seamtreatment finished my work
 all three finished blocks together

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Crazy quilting block

This is the finished block for miss Hideko in Japan. She had no theme and so it was easy and fun to just go and work on it .
 these are the first three blocks

 close up of my peacock, the lace for the body is hand painted to match the varigated floss I used for the head and tail.

my completed block

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Recycled and old?

I just had to post a picture of my NEW recycled bed room curtains, not to bad for 20 year old fabric!

 This little piece of lace was in a frame when I bought it at the flea market in the Black Forest.

 I used black paper as the backing and a black frame to show it off. The frame is 6x4 inches.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pip Studios from the Netherlands

Yes there is more to show what I got when I went home to Germany last month,I was in love with this Pip Studio Duvet cover the minute I saw it! Ikea in Germany had a few things I was able to mail home, but I cant wait till we finally have one here in Kansas!
  Bird of Paradise how fitting is this name?
 Ikea rug

 now I need to find a place for these hanging pots

 awesome smell of Roses

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Freudenstadt-Black Forest 2013

This was the first day without rain, we took the train from Stuttgart to Freudenstadt.

 to much to choose from


 Danger !Avalanche from the roof top!

 my kind of Art

 first Fleamarket of the year

 loved the store!

My new German magazines

I had a good time shopping for supplies, here are some of the magazines I brought in my carry on, I could not lift it! I still have to wait for more boxes to come .

emboidery, knitting, crochet,patch work and more

the floss was 1.29 Euro per skain it is all cotton made in Germany will have wait and see how it will stitch

Back from Germany

It was a short 4 weeks, just not enough time to see and do all the things  on my list! the first three boxes arrived before I was home, shopping for the kids and a few friends.
  just for my kids

 for Sarah my oldest sons girlfriend

for my friend Doris, hope she likes the scarf found it in a little store in the Black Forrest