Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last posting for today

I got my husband to put up my new swing/hammock! After all the rain we had since Thursday night we had some sun this afternoon and it did not take to long to have this swing put together. I noticed it was about 8 inches shorter then the old one but this one is the same as  our out door furniture ,hope it will last as long as the other swing did 12 years. I will be using it daily so this was a great buy .


I have not have any thing like these in years and next time I will roll them into Bretzeln. They taste just like the store bought ones,the only thing missing is the big junks of Salt, which to most salts I`m allergic to ,so I went without it.

Another Jewelry Box is done

 Just finished this little Gem.

This is the second Box I made . I have always been a big fan of green and purple so here is mine.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Ity-Bity Guest Room

 A look into my little Guest Room.

 Some of the Dolls I have collected ,some given to me by friends and family over the years,I made the Display cabinet .

 This Day bed barely fits on the longest wall in the room.

As you can see the wall space is perfect for a larger Art piece,yet to be made.

  The left side as you walk into the room has just a small desk and my Haensel and Gretel Quilt displayed with  a variety of old dolls . I was so excited when I found this rug in cream,browns,and blue just perfect for this room.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Knitting Up-date

 For Harry

Maybe you remember when I blogged about this in June,now my first pair of socks is done. I have signed up to sponsor three mentally handicapped  teens to adults. They each got to pick a color and I will knit one pair of socks and add some sweet goodies to it.Harry asked for green & blue his size is European  46 which is about 13 inches from heel to toe. Ready to start the next pair white for Nicole. Let`s have some fun with it, Christmas is here soon so I better get knitting !

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Breads for today

 This is the easiest bread ever, recipe was given previously .

 Now this yeast dough is made with one pack cream cheese and today I used Walnut /Honey and added some more walnuts. 700 gramms of flour,1 pack cream cheese ( we had chives and garlic last time-yummy) 1pack dry yeast,2teaspoon salt ,1 tablespoon sugar and 350ml warm water9 might need a little more,make your dough,let it rise for one hour,divide into 3 loafs,let rise again for 30 minutes while heating up the oven , baste top with milk,bake at 400 for 30 minutes, if 1 big loaf bake for 1 hour. Next week I will try Salsa cram cheese.

Just set up the dough for tomorrows baguettes.

This is a Snowball for Molly

 This is the completed block for Molly. Her theme is Victorian and I had a blast working on it.It is mainly silk ribbon ,some pearl floss,lace,beads and two charms.

 On this close up you can see the necklace is a real Peridot chip in the shape of a heart.

I had so many  ideas for this block and it came out just as I had pictured it in my head.

Friday, August 17, 2012

#3 Red Snowball

 I decided to work on a red on red snowball and here is the result. I did seams only on it and as you can see I used lace,rick-rack,satin leaves ,beads and floss.The glass hearts are a very dark red but if you hold it up to the light it looks like blood red.

I got another Snowball

 This is from Judy D. I love her design ,color choice and workmanship.

 All three together,here you can see that the sizes vary quit a bit and to make it more cohesive I will have to add some fabric around each one before putting them together.But for now I hope to get some more friends to swap with me,I know at the end it will be AWESOME!

This is so much fun.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nicki Lee here is your Snowball

 This is the completed block,under the water theme.

 My little mermaid is swimming up ,holding a pearl in her left hand and pulling herself up on  the chain of the anchor with her right hand. I used sequins for her body part of her tail and beads for the the end of the tail.There is also a mix of  glass beads ,real shells ,gold and silver charms,with novelty yarns, metallic floss and silk ribbon.

I just had so much fun with this snowball. Ready to start the next one requested by Molly.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New KAL my yarn is here!

I had fallen in love with an AWESOME dress. When I saw the pattern was coming out for a KNIT A Long -KAL I signed up and ordered my yarn. The first week came and everyone started with part one ,week two came with pattern part two,I`m still waiting for my yarn,well four weeks later the KAL has ended. All the wonderful tops and dresses are pictured at the blog Fadenstille By Anett here is a link and I was still waiting for my yarn!

 This is the top down design of the dress and  the close up to show the leaves,now off to see what will be next on this pattern.

 And now my yarn has arrived yesterday , so last night I started with part one,love it  and hope to be working on it this weekend.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Challenge quilt

 I`m making a challenge quilt for the Fastfridayfabricchallenge.The theme is flowers and I remembered that I still had this block from a class I was teaching on applique.While auditioning fabric for a border I found 19 of theses log cabin blocks. They fit perfectly in size and so they just became my border.

 But looking at it I noticed that the design was not coming together on the bottom.

 I used all the 19 blocks by adding one more row on the bottom and the last one on the top included in the border. I placed some store bought butterflies  but I `m still not sure if I like it that way or change it some more. I just have it hanging for now and keep looking at it till I start quilting it.
This is what I have now,but I`m still undecided if I will use the butterflies on it or just quilt it heavily.

Look what came in the mail today

My snow ball ,love it Colleen A. made this wonderful hexagon snow ball for me! it was her first dragonfly and just like Alice she did a great job on it,thank you.

 This is my FFT#21 block,it came home without my booklet so I have to figure out who did what ,I like to have it a little more encrusted and will work on it some more.

 close up of some of the wonderful work done on my block

 love how sweet and simple work can look so elegant and rich

 I still have to learn how to tat,maybe this winter ? Just awesome work.Thank you Ladies

This is the third block for my wall hanging. Now I hope there will be some RR`s started soon so I can have this finished before Christmas?

UFO Block and new snow balll

 this is the blue on blue snow ball

 It was time to get working on some UFO`s and here it is.

 close up of my embroidery

This is one of my Autumn block finally done!

Here is my cake and bread just out of the oven

 Today I used a can of peaches to make this yummy streusel cake

  and baguettes
  Just awesome the dough is easy to make just 400 gr of flour, 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 pack of dry yeast and 375 ml warm water mix by hand just so that it is barely mixed,place in the refrigerator over night,take it out the next day ,let it stand for 2-3 hours by room temperature divide into three loafs ,do NOT mix it again, just let it stand for 20 minutes covert with a kitchen towel,and bake at 450 in 12-15 minutes. I use a spray bottle with water and spray it right after I place it in the oven .This is the bottom just as nice as the top,very crunchy.

love the smell of this bread!

Friday, August 3, 2012

More supplies came in

 Can you say SPARKLE? Oh yes they sparkle ,love the little belt buckles and can`t wait to use them!

If my embroidery would look as good as these I would not have to buy them,but I really love these butterflies combined with my work.

My PEACE Quiltie swap

 the front

 the back

 and the EXTRAS!

I had this wonderful little Peace quiltie in my mailbox on Thursday. With it came two fat quarters and I loved that Tere and I had used the same theme for her work as I did for mine. Thank you Tere H. in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Another block back home

 The finished oriental block I  made embelished by Misty.
I had signed up for a oriental DYB RR  and one of the ladies droped out before the RR was finished. I had asked the member if she was willing to work on my block ( I had spent hours on her block and I hope she loved it as much as I did) to finish my set of blocks and she agreed. So I mailed it out and six month later I got it back with a VERY NICE GOODIE BAG !

My first Snowball came in

 This is the Snowball I received from Alice T. My theme is roses and /or dragonflies in white,cream,green and pink in a hexagon shape.

 Alice made her first Roses and as you can see she did very well!

This is such a sweet Snowball,love it! Thank you Alice T.