Monday, October 11, 2010


Cleaning out and rearranging the rooms and deciding what to keep is a long process in my house. I love to display my quilts and get attached to most of them.It was time to hang my Hansel and Gretel Quilt. This was made for a Challenge on the Quiltart list I belong to.The quilts where displayed in Houston at the largest Quilt show and went on to several different venues.
When it was time for the quilts to come home some of the artist`s decided to auction of their quilts to support   Kid Comfort.This is a wonderful organisation and you can check out what Ann Flaherty has been doing.

Here are pictures of my quilt,the calender it was shown in and also the CD that my quilt was shown  as the front for "Fairy Tales" which you can buy on CD Baby


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