Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy Quilting International Up Date

My latest project has been this block for the Crazy Quilting International Group. It will be a quilt made out of blocks in the colors of the flag for each country we have members in.I was lucky to sign up and got my German Flag. We did not have to make the block as a flag but use the colors of each flag as the background. So there is a lot of things we can put on our blocks and I have started with some seam treatments .For the black part of my flag the seams are embroidered in red & yellow, the red part is embroidered in yellow & black and for the gold part of the flag I used black & red only. Now that my background is ready to be worked on I decided on the placement of the Autobahn. Oh yes, I miss the Autobahn! Roses frame the first Castle and thinking of my brother who actually is working in One. His job for the German Government is in the wonderful New Castle in Stuttgart and it will be a must for me to put it on this block later.With my love for dogs you know that a German Shepard will protect my block and I wonder if I have enough room to show of all the things I love about my German Hometown.


  1. WOW Rita that is amazingly beautiful! I love your plans for the block also! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. I am excited to see how you finish this! Your work is beautiful so far.