Friday, April 20, 2012

Arlene`s Lace and Pearls Block

 First I made this beaded dragonfly and the small seam treatment above to the left with white and pink pearl cotton and some beads.

 Here I started with a lace medallion and added the  Silk Ribbon Rose on top. A few lace flowers with Glass bead flowers and pearls completed with two bird charms.

This is the Block after Kathy,Nicki Lee and my own work , now ready to be mailed to Susan to finish the upper left corner.


  1. WOW WOW OWW - This block is certianly gong to be one gorgeous block - I love your additions!

  2. OMG, this is WOW WOW WOW and it's mine.

    Thanks everyone it's just stunning.


  3. So, so pretty! This has been a really enjoyable swap. Love the little beaded dragonfly Rita, fits right in!