Saturday, July 10, 2010

It is done!

I have been so lucky to find this faucet with hand held shower,just what I was looking for.The tub is an air tub and I love that I can use all my oils and bath salts in it.

There is little bees embroidered on my shower curtain and on my towels too.And I have a heater /light/vent on the ceiling,the heater dries my hair in a few minutes if I stand right under it,don`t have to blow dry it anymore.I did get this one piece Toilette because it is so high and my back say`s" Thank you" every time I sit down.

So my new bathroom is finally done. The tiles are in a light mottled cream and so is the floor. The Tub,Toilette and ceiling in white.Wall is a light turquoise ,same as my towels ,curtain and floor coverings.Vanity and mirror in wonderful warm red-brown and everything else glass and faucets in chrome. I love it !

1 comment:

  1. Rita, your new bathroom is gorgeous!!! I love everything about it. The towel ring is wonderful; elegant and beautifully made.
    The colors are soothing, and will go with everything!!