Saturday, September 29, 2012

Knitting up date

 As you can see this is the back of the sleevshawl. It does cover the open back of the dress and any imperfections you might have. I`m not saying you have any Doris !

 On this picture you can see how  the upper part of her  arms are well covert and as this will be worn at 6.30 at night on the beach in Hawaii in November for a wedding it will be the perfect combination of light and airy,still working on making adjustments to the dress as you can see the pins are showing.

 Well this is MINE!

My dear friend Doris was modeling the Aermelschal I made in green for her and the lilac is all mine!

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  1. Lovely design! I was just looking for such a garment, did you have a pattern to go from?