Saturday, March 9, 2013

Not much to do this weekend?

Well after I had my ESI yesterday and I have to admit I blacked out on the first try they finished it with the second one. Because of my prior surgery it was so hard for her to get the needle in and find the right spot, anesthetic did not work I could feel it all but that was no big deal it is the Do nothing just resting part for the next few days that bothers me. So this morning just finished setting up my bagutte dough and my Oat bread dough for tomorrow. Hubby went to the gym and I seperated the laundry for him to do when he gets home. Now I will go and make a few more blocks before he gets home so I can mail out my next two DYB RR`s .That will be all for today .So far I feel good and I want to keep it this way!

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