Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Block finished

This is Kristie's block for the Encrusted DYB RR.

 She likes lace, tatting, silk ribbon,antique buttons, I stayed in the colors of her fabrics just as she had requested and had fun with it . After three days I had all this added and hope she will like it. I know the block should have been maybe a little more into Asian themed embroidery but for me it was more what will look good with the Silkies that was on the block.

I loved the colors of this block and had fun working on it.I added lace, beads, charms, trim,buttons, satin and velvet leafs,butterfly appliques,  silk ribbon and floss embroidery , Yes I`m done, not much more room left to fill so I stop here and get ready for the next challenge.


  1. That's a great seam above the silkie! and incredible buttons!

  2. OH My (I'm saying that a lot -sorry) I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I thought you didn't do seamwork. YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you so much. I've finished your bird and it will be flying to you some time today. HUGS Kristie

  3. I absolutely love this block - one of the prettiest blocks I've seen in a long time. You have inspired me to pull out all my pink/creams and blacks to make a block. Your stitching, placement of embellishments and overall design are stunning! Did I tell you "I love it"!