Saturday, September 7, 2013

This is a new one

I was online this morning at Chefkoch.DE for some new  recipes, this is the first on called Lecker Schlecker Brot it is really good !
350 grams of Whole wheat flour
650 grams of plain flour
1 Pack of dry yeast
1 table spoon of salt
650ml slightly warm water
 mix, let rise for one hour, bake at 480 for 30 minutes (cover if it gets to dark) turn down to 350 for another 30 minutes and it should be just perfect after a total of 1 hour baking . I do not put a water bowl in my oven, instead I have a spray bottle and spray the bread every 15 minutes gives a nice crust!

 I did a random shopping trip yesterday and was able to bring home these two bottle stoppers and a 24 inch snail!

 Not sure what I will do with this Bird Magnifying Glass but I loved the way it looked and it might comes in handy one of these days.


  1. Das heisst wahrscheinlich nicht nur so das Brot, sieht auch so aus......... lach. Ist dir gut gelungen.

    Baci, Monika

  2. Danke Monica muss mal ein Italienisches probieren!