Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I baked a new bread and finished another UFO Block

I was looking for a new recipe for a easy white bread and did find it here


you can trans late the page to English. The dough was easy to make, I baked it on a pizza stone at 437 electric oven for 35 minutes and it was just perfect. I also tried something new with it called magic mud, 200ml water ,1tblspoon starch,1tblspoon salt bring to a boil and safe in the refrigerator. I brushed it on right in the middle of the baking time and it made the bread shiny just like the ones in the store. Smells good and taste`s even better ,I took half over to my neighbor for dinner because tomorrow I will make my Grandma`s sweet bread. While my bread was baking I finished my Autumn DYB , this has been sometime now and I got only one more UFO Block left to finish ! Well I guess staying home is not so bad after all, today I final figured out why I don't get all the things done I plan for each day "the days are shorter" I`m pretty sure about it  because at work the day would take so much longer to end !
 my DYB from the Autumn RR

 magic mud

Bruschetta Italian White Bread

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