Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baking and cooking

 I made Cheese/ Quark to bake my German Cheese Cake

 it was awesome !

As always this bread just bakes wonderfully in my Dutch oven, Oats and Pumpkin seed

  Made Maultaschen ,a Noodle dumpling filled with ground beef and spinach , boiled first, cooled, sliced  and than fried with eggs  and our German potato salad

 and here is todays best ever Knoedel made out of bread, cheese and spinach

 Mushrooms, spring onion and heavy cream sauce

 it was finger licking good !
 just realizing I must be homesick with all this German - actually Schwabian Food! specialty from the Stuttgart -my Hometown -Baden Wuerttemberg Region !

1 comment:

  1. Da hast du aber maechtig an Heimweh gelitten............. lach. Aber dafuer hast du mir voll den Mund waessrig gemacht, denn bei mir muss man sowas auch alles selbst machen............... seufz.
    Ich hoffe es hat euch auch gut geschmeckt.

    Baci, Monika