Friday, May 16, 2014

Last weekends BBQ

So much fun!
 I baked my favorite Schwarzwaelder Kirsch - Black Forest Cake, a Banana Torte, Fruit cake and Hummel Kuchen , a plain cake which got almonds ,sugar and heavy cream as a topping

 My two boys

 the girlfriend of my oldest son

  my friend Doris and her hubby

 the children of friends


  1. Wow! Those cakes look fantastic! You are quite the baker :)

  2. Thank toy for your compliment , we all just love to eat and we do like our German cakes so if I want to eat I have to bake ! lol

  3. Lovely pictures ! Had to giggle at your heading.......barbecue......and all you showed us was delicious cakes.......have lived, worked in and visited Germany several times......I well remember the baked goods!