Saturday, August 16, 2014

Snow ball swap

Finally I have a few minutes to update my Snow ball swap
This is the little snowman I made for Renee so much fun .
I used a porcelain cabochon and beaded it on top of a crochet napkin ring that my friends German grandma made 

 and in return I received this amazing snowball from Renee
 so in love with it !


  1. I love looking at your work Rita, and happy to say I own one of your snowballs. Beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Laurie for your kind words , love my little lace bird I got from you ! ,let me know if you want to swap another one .

  2. Rita, I LOVE my snowball! I showed it to a dear friend recently and she was not sure how you could bring yourself to part with it. Thank you!!!