Friday, August 12, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Darlene had used this wonderful printed image in muted colors.

Close up of my basket with checkert tablecloth.

I just loved this theme block and the owner Darlene requested nothing modern, more a little antique, so I placed some lace,with beading and embroidered the silk ribbon basket on top of a seam that was frayed..The woodland creatures needed to be on this block so the owl and rabbit charm got their spot on this lovely block.


  1. Olá Rita! Encantada com seu Blog. Seus trabalhos são maravilhosos. Parabéns! Também amo bordar.
    Um grande abraço, Algecira. Venha me visitar

  2. The tablecloth is so clever!! And I love that rabbit charm - great additions!