Sunday, January 8, 2012

I`m on a roll today

I only wanted to stay in the color theme of the little fairies silkie.

A closeup of the work, I love these little baskets,so much fun to fill.

Thank`s to my wonderful husband who has been cleaning and cooking I was able to work on another block today. This little Tree Fairy is ready to play with all the others in my box.One more done,so many more to do! I guess I have just been collecting all this wonderful work that was done to all the blocks and never stitched my own blocks. Is this a sign of "Hording"?


  1. Oh Rita! These are the kind of "Hoards" I like! The fairy block is awesome, I love how you did that tree.

  2. Your fairy block is lovely Rita! And I still have to finish a block from my rr also, so I don't consider it hoarding!lol :) I call it procrastination! :)