Saturday, January 28, 2012

I`m so sad,so I baked

Can you guess what it is?

A big sheet of wonderful yeast dough with sweet poppy seed,steusel and glaze.And here we go ,a slice for now but I`m sure it will be more before the day is over.

I had started to make plans to go home and visit friend` s and family that I have not seen since we moved here to Kansas  in 1999 from Germany. But we just have to much going on still not finished with remodeling the house, my son wants to take some summer classes,the boys might be moving to a new place, register our four cars and my boss is thinking about retiring. So I will have to stay here ,work as much as I can to save some money. I was already making plans to get a Bretzel from the bakery every morning. So I did the next best thing today and baked. Poppyseed Streuselkuchen with a sugar and lemon juice glaze.

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