Friday, February 17, 2012

Roses in peach and purple for Lorrie

Roses,lace flowers and beads surround the little purple fairy with her big smile

Lace flowers where hand painted to match the color theme of peach and purple,a rose cameo was placed ,Glass heart beads complete the seam treatment

Silk ribbon roses ,heart beads and satin leafs

I hand painted the lace and added the beads

The butterfly was a napkin ring made by my friend Doris`s grandma in Germany

All of my work

The whole block with all the work that has been added by Nicki Lee, Ely  and myself.


  1. I love it!!!.. so many of my favourite things... it'll be wonderful additional to the pillows on my bed.. or wall hanging on my wall.

  2. Gorgeous work, I really admire what you've done.