Friday, February 17, 2012

Sue`s autumn block is going home

I was the last person in this RR to work on the block.When  I first looked at it I knew what I was going to do to bring it all together.First added the lace with beads and embroidered the dragonfly with metallic thread and beads.

This crochet flower brings the purple from the top down to the bottom,beaded with orange glass beads

This dragonfly is a companion to the one on top that was woven into the fabric

To bring the color from the big butterfly on the lower left corner up I added the satin vine and little turquoise flowers  made out of ribbon with a pearl .

The completed block with work by Alice,Carol,Lisa and myself. I had fun as always with all this wonderful work done by some great ladies.


  1. WOW this is beautiful block, I love your dragonflies Rita.

  2. You have such a terrific eye for balance and colour, Rita!