Friday, March 9, 2012

What a Swap Disapointment

This is what I just received yesterday from one of my Online groups.When this swap was announced I jumped and started my blocks I was so excited to swap with all these wonderful ladies ,as the date came to swap there was nobody to swap with everyone needed extra time so the date was moved and as the second time came to swap I mailed my blocks and was like a little child on X-mas morning could not wait to see what I got.And when I removed the blocks from the envelop my heart just sunk and disappointment took over.  It was supposed to be a cream on cream theme ,which was changed to cream with tans which in the fabrics is O.K.  But it was the work on the blocks that I was so upset about.  Some looked just messy and carelessly thrown together, added colors which I do not understand on a tone on tone theme and to get two blocks that are exactly the same ? .I did get one of my own blocks back and thank`s to Rose Anne  I have this Beauty!

As you can see this is the kind of block   I was expecting to get back, and here are all of my blocks .

I was so disappointed that I for the first time ever I mailed the group to let them know how I felt. I have never changed someone`s work but this will be a first for me.I will take them and reuse the blocks adding my own lace, embroidery and embellishments I have put a lot of time,work and money into my blocks and to have received what I did just made me decide this is a lesson learned ,first and last time for such a swap.


  1. Oh my goodness Rita, I have to agree with you. You would have been better off keeping your own blocks and making a wall hanging with them.

    Seems like the swap hostess would not have swapped your encrusted blocks for blocks less than what you had made. So sorry this happened to you. Now I am glad that I did not participate in this swap.

  2. Wow, you are not exaggerating - those blocks are terrible! pink and turquoise? And two identical blocks whose focus is a tacky pre-made flower?!? That is not crazy quilting, it is LAZY quilting. At least you have one gem in there, thanks to Rose Anne!! Luckily, you can frog the rest and apply your talents to them!

  3. Rita - I would not blame you for being bitterly disappointed! I would feel like crying if I were you - sending off such beautiful blocks and then receiving such careless work back. I'm so sorry this happened to you! You are right to speak out!

  4. Yes, I have to agree... Some of those blocks should never have been swapped out to begin with. They should have been sent back to the block makers.

    I wish I had've had the time to finish the swap out as hostess because this would have never happened.

    I am so sorry Rita.

    I want to encourage everyone who may join another swap such as this to really think about what you want to receive back yourself and then put that amount of work in to your blocks as well. It makes for a much more pleasant swap all the way around.

  5. It is sad to put so much work into making wonderful blocks with your fabric and not get what you expected in return. I had one sad experience with an exchange and desided never again.

  6. Rita, I'm so sorry that these odd blocks were returned to you. The more I participate in RR's and swaps, the more I realize that some people just don't have any stitching skills or even any concept of what 'embroidery' is. It's frustrating to get things back with huge, slapped on, premade crap AND in totally the wrong colors!

    Big hugs dear!