Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tammy`s FFT #21 block

 This is what the block looked like when it got here. Not much left for me to work with,upper left corner and  it had two seamtreatments done. So  I had to work around that.

 This is what I did. My first time to make Bullion Roses with silk ribbon.

 The completed block or so I thought.

So after I have been looking at this block for hours I just can`t bring myself to mail it out ,I do not like the way the lower left looks and have to think what I can change so it looks more cohesive.


  1. I'm with you, Rita, that pink patch could use a bit more something; color, movement, something.

  2. Rita, you've done an excellent job with the limited space you had to work with. I agree, the lower left needs a little more - perhaps a small motif, a bird, floral spray (tiny). Bringing something in pink to create a flow or purplish/blue - just some ideas!

  3. I love it! If you want to add something to that corner, go ahead or just send it on home as is, and I will add to it. I had not seen it since Bonnie posted pics, so was really nice to see how far it had come.