Friday, June 8, 2012

UFO finished more to follow

 My finished UFO Fairy block from the last year DYB RR or has it been two years ago? It sure has been way to long and now they have to get finished!

 This is the left side of the block.

 Here is the block from the right side.

 Close up of my flowers in varigated pearl thread ,glass beads and satin leafs with glass heart beads on the seamtreatment.
This will be UFO weekend, I `m trying to finish as many blocks as I can.

1 comment:

  1. Rita, This is an excellent block. The flowers are exquisite. They really enhance the center square. The colors really work. The only thing is that the butterfly doesn't quite fit. It's colors should work but they are too bold. It draws the eye too much away from the rest of the wonderful block. I would look for a more subtle butterfly. Keep up the great work!
    Pam in Seattle