Friday, November 2, 2012

New eyecandy

 Finally  I can show what I have been up to. My friends son is getting married tomorrow on the beach in Hawaii. The bride wanted to have their little dogie be the Ring bearer and flower girl but because of Quarantine they decided not to bring her all the way from Australia. So the next best thing I thought would be to just put her on the Ring pillow. This is the back with a loop to hold it and I placed butterflies for the Grooms deceased grand parents.

 I did this pillow to surprise the Bride and stayed in her colors of her dress and flowers.M is for Makita.

 G is for Greg. He has the key to her heart.

 And this is Princess Annie.

 The Wedding Garter

This is the Wedding Garter for the Bride with something Blue . I had so much fun working on all this and I wish I could have been there but until money grows on my trees I have to work to earn it.


  1. What a beautiful keepsake Rita, any bride would be thrilled to have something so personal. You thought of everything for sure.

  2. Rita what beautifully embroidered keepsakes you have made the bride and groom. I have a feeling that there may even be a few very happy tears shed especially for the heart, so beautiful Rita.
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Wow! so beautiful and sentimental. I love them!

  4. Well as a person totally besotted with her own dog, I just loved this... Gerry Krueger