Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where I`m at for today

 I had this all ready for weeks but the lady that was to organize and get us going never did.I had posted about it here very disappointed how could she? How hard is it to e-mail a address so that I can mail this ,to late now, it will never get there in time . another lesson learned.

 I love this salad,quick and easy and even better the next day.

 This will be another cookie that my boys will like

 Used only plain wheat flouer today, just a good roll for luchmeat and cheese.

 Changed this up to half wheat and half whole wheat  it is also very easy to make and will be one of my weekly breads to bake.


  1. How sad Rita, maybe you can donate them to someone else who can really use them....maybe to a hurricane Sandy relief program to help those who are in need of socks etc...

  2. Your Kaisersemmeln rolls look wonderful! I can remember eating them every morning for breakfast when I spent a summer in Austria going to school! YUM! Hugs, Cathy