Friday, July 27, 2012

Asian Nights DYB Blocks -India

 All six blocks together.

I finished the pink block and the turquoise  block was done by Theresa.

This pink block was done by Sarma and the turquoise one was done by Carol.

 Here are the last two blocks ,the pink one was worked on by Peggy and yes I knew that Meg had done this paisley on the turquoise block when I saw it.It is so much fun to recognize someones work by just looking at the design and workman ship.

 My work.

 close up of SRE upper right corner

 Seam treatment and Shisha mirror lower right corner

 I just used beads on the design of the fabric on the lower left corner

 This is the combined middle and upper left corner, I decided to use my motive in this paisley. I do love all my blocks! When I first got them back I was a  stunned as there was not as much  put on the blocks a little something here or there but then I saw was each member of this group did ,let this wonderful fabric speak for itself. I have always just been piling it on because that's what I like but my likes are now shifting to see more of what I`m working on. Thank you to all these great ladies of this RR, hope you will sign up for another round as I have more fabrics from India to use.


  1. what a beautiful set of blocks, Rita! And your work is stunning! thanks for the extra special eye candy! Hugs, Cathy

  2. Thank you for your kind words Cathy.