Sunday, July 29, 2012

Backyard make over

 This is the west side of our house,it has been so hot this year that we could not enjoy sitting out here.

 My new Shade cloth.Just a few hooks and a line to keep them up and in place. It should keep 87% of the sun out ,we did not measure it but it was a lot cooler down here yesterday after we closed it.

 From the leftovers I made a little privacy screen for my deck.

 That's where I have my coffee.

 Finally my husband got my chandelier up. It has been in a box for the last 13 years I bought it in Germany.

 Battery operated candle sticks,real ones would melt out here in minutes.

 Just perfect for our next BBQ,no more sunburned guests.

 Got these two lanterns to light the Arbor at night.


It is almost done still need to decide on a new patio swing.

1 comment:

  1. Rita, your shades are great. I'm not familiar with shade cloth. Do you get it at the fabric store? Your patio and deck look very inviting.

    Judy in MS