Saturday, July 14, 2012

My last one for today

 from this dough

 let it rise

 braide it

 let it rise again


1000 grams flour (2 lbs.)
200 grams sugar (1 full cup packed)
200 grams of sweet unsalted butter (2 sticks)
3 eggs
pinch of salt
1 pack of vanilla sugar
1/2 liter milk (2 full cups)
pack yeast
all ingredients should be room temperature!

place flour in a big bowl make a hole in the middle putting the flour up high towards the rim of your bowl and add the sugar into hole. Put the yeast on top of the sugar. Slightly heat the milk add to the yeast and stir ,use some of the flour from the outside rim to cover the mixture and cover with a towel for 30 minutes. Melt the butter add the salt let cool .Now you can mix the dough with the melted butter,the vanilla sugar and the eggs. If it is to wet add a little more flour,let stand for 1 hour to rise. Punch back down,make 3 strings and braid ,let stand for 30 minutes covert with a dishtowel. Brush with egg wash , I do not know where you would find the sugar I use to decorate but you can use almond slices. Put into the cold oven heat to 350 on electric for about 50 minutes.
I use a regular cake sheet but place parchment paper on it so the bred will not stick to it, I also use parchment paper to cover the bread after 30 minutes so it will not get to dark!
please let me know if you made it and how it came out,good luck ladies I know you will enjoy it!
This is my grandmas sweet bread, one of the few food items I remember eating at her house,they came from Romania and my dads siblings are now going back to look for the farm they grew up on.

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  1. Looks fabulous! Makes me want to get into the kitchen and make bread...notice it makes me "want to" but not today. It's way to hot for using the oven that long.

    Judy in MS