Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My first Snowball is done

 So much fun, I made this little snowball for a swap ,  ready to make more, I`m hooked ! I love the size it is just perfect for my style of embroidery and dressing up a block. Oh yeah and just think of all the wonderful themes that can be put on these Snowballs. Best part is that you never know what you will get in return always a surprise.

 This is the close up of the Watering can, I used clear beads as water spraying over the flowers underneath. I made it a little bigger then the CD Size because of the fraying of the silk during handling and so the new owner has plenty of fabric to work with. It can be turned under to be appliqued .


  1. Rita, your snowball is gorgeous! Absolutely lovely.


  2. Gorgeous! I am glad you had fun. I have had problems with the size. But I am getting more comfortable with it. I have been happy with the under the sea theme but when I did CathyL's garden in cotton I was stressed.

  3. Oh Rita - how pretty! You have inspired me to want to start making these. Do I have to sign up somewhere? Wnat ot trade with me?