Saturday, August 4, 2012

Look what came in the mail today

My snow ball ,love it Colleen A. made this wonderful hexagon snow ball for me! it was her first dragonfly and just like Alice she did a great job on it,thank you.

 This is my FFT#21 block,it came home without my booklet so I have to figure out who did what ,I like to have it a little more encrusted and will work on it some more.

 close up of some of the wonderful work done on my block

 love how sweet and simple work can look so elegant and rich

 I still have to learn how to tat,maybe this winter ? Just awesome work.Thank you Ladies

This is the third block for my wall hanging. Now I hope there will be some RR`s started soon so I can have this finished before Christmas?

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  1. Am pleased your completed block arrived! Thank you for showing my silk ribbon motif.